Clothing is not an obligation but a way to express who you are. Besides the collections, SÁ offers customized designs. These custom designs are especially aimed at brides, godmothers or special occasions in general. If you are looking for a professional that offers you a different, unique and exclusive design, then come to SUSANA ÁLVAREZ. We are the favorite choice of fashionistas. We make our garments in a traditional way and under rigorous ethical production, exclusively in Seville. We have a wide range of fabrics and materials of the highest quality so that you can choose according to each design. We consider that the process of preparation must be rigorous and perfectionist, paying special attention to the details.

What services do we offer?

  • study of your physiognomy
  • chromatic study
  • choose the best design according to your style
  • offer you excellent quality fabrics to choose from
  • innovative patterns
  • we promise you flawless results
  • comfort is center of our products
  • ethical production in every step of the manufacturing progress

Advantages of custom-made clothing. First, the elaboration of a custom tailored piece will take some time, because we need to make sure, that the pattern prototype is perfectly adapted to your silhouette. We don’t work with industrial standard sizes. When the pattern-prototype is done, the process will be much faster. Also, we can now easily modify and adapt your ideas because we know your measurements.

Our garments are delivered flawless, you will never need to adjust seams, or length of sleeves or the bottom of a pair of pants. Whether it’s a sophisticated wedding dress or an outfit for another special occasion, we ensure you, that your look will be perfect.

Personal Touch: When creating your own products, you can customize the entire garment set. Imagine that you have the perfect pattern, now we apply another fabric, another more attractive lining, other buttons and radically change its appearance. Since we have calibrated everything in the PROTOTYPE pattern, you do not need to try more times.

High quality standards: We rely on the experience of our designers and seamstresses to deliver high quality products. Your looks will be unique. You will feel the difference and the quality.