The sophisticated bride

In recent years, brides want to be themselves on their wedding day, without looking disguised or uncomfortable. Conventional wedding dresses are coming out a great competition, as more and more couples decide to give themselves the “I do” through a more informal or civil ceremony. It are situations like these when brides seek an alternative to traditional designs to wear on their wedding day. The contemporary and sophisticated bride is born.

The contemporary – sophisticated bride of SÁ

Besides our limited collections, we also offer our services for the contemporary – sophisticated bride. For SÁ each woman is unique and different. When choosing a wedding dress, it is crucial to choose according to your personality, not to feel disguised and to be especially comfortable, with a more contemporary, sophisticated look. Fortunately, bridal fashion trends evolve every year and reinvent the traditional concept of the wedding dress. Usually, the bride wears the typical long dress for the Chruch, with tail and veil. But what to wear for a more informal, less conventional ceremony? SÁ can give you the answer.

“As a brand we want to offer you comfort, design, originality and a personal style, with an unique touch.”

Let yourself be captivated by the taste and independent style of the designer and stylist SÁ. The trend dictates simplicity and innovation in patronage. Choosing your perfect wedding dress has never been so easy!

Less is more

Make a difference with your unique outfit. Short wedding dresses or trousers are an ideal and feminine option. You can combine two and three pieces composed of silk shirts, open tops, skirts, draped pants, jackets with transgressive lining, dresses with interesting selvedges. Take the opportunity to show off your back or neckline! Dare with a more innovative pattern! Complement your outfit with good accessories and you’ll be ready to be radiant on your special day. The fusion of a well-thought of design, apparently simple, with a complement and footwear is impressive, that’s why our motto is: Less is more (Mies von der Rohe).

Materials & footwear

We work with highest quality materials: silk, cashmere, merino, cotton.
Do you not know with what footwear you can combine the garments that we have designed and made to measure for you? As we know it is complicated to know how to combine your clothes with the right footwear or you simply do not have time to look for the most suggestive, comfortable and attractive footwear for your garment, we recommend you the experts of They will advise you what materials to use, color or shape. You will be perfect for your staging …. “We give you exclusive and personalized advice.We will guide you through the process and help you choose your size correctly. We will help you to make a unique shoe adapted to your style, so you can make a difference and you can reflect your personality in your shoes. Now more than ever, fashion is you!