SÁ is an exclusive brand for ethical and sustainable fashion.

If you’re looking for a sustainable brand that could add timelessness, originality and an exclusive stylistic freshness to your boutique, then SÁ is for you! Furthermore, SÁ offers collections with no expiry date, which means they can be replicated at any time. One of the major problems for shops nowadays is that, if a product works fabulously, it’s impossible to submit new orders… in spite of public demand.
What are our advantages?

Since september 2018 we are part of the “asociación de moda sostenible España” (association for sustainable fashion of Spain)

You own a clothing shop? We want to be your provider.

1- Benefits from buying clothes SÁ for your boutique.

The designer SUSANA ÁLVAREZ is going to offer you as your business motto “flexibility and quality in the production”. Our brand SÁ works with providers to whom you can always require the same fabric, in the same color, and that’s the kind of flexibility we transmit to our clients.

2- What does that mean?

Imagine a SÁ shirt sells magnificently, but you aim to offer more. No problem. We work with national providers of fabric who directly work with that product and are able to supply us rapidly.
Imagine a pair of SÁ pants would sell more if we take off the pockets. No problem, since we take the info from that same moment to constantly improve our product.

Imagine you doubt the production doesn’t meet the expectations of fine tailoring. No problem, we produce in Sevilla, you don’t need to travel to other European or transoceanic countries. You can reach us by car and we’ll make sure everything is perfect. We offer you since our first meeting a very personal treating.

Imagine you just wish to go for a tiny request of garments. No problem. We understand you want to undertake a market research before doing a bigger order. We arrange a meeting and decide together which pieces would better fit your client(s), starting on the real work.

Common doubt: SÁ sells the same product as “my” SÁ’s products in her design studio, and offers made to measure garments. No problem, since the price of the refinement is different and does not compete with the price in store.

3- Where do we sell our products?

  • In boutiques sensitive to the natural environment and to a production system with an ethical approach.
  • In exclusive boutiques that assess the quality of the product, modeling and refinements.

For SÁ it is important to know the place where its clothes are to be sold. We prefer to have less selling points, though in accordance with the visual approach we need. That’s why it is crucial that we receive a dossier of your shop, with photos material, location and what you expect from us.

The brand SÁ is well known in Berlin for its collections as well as for its work in made to measure garments. 
This designer’s line is addressed to a demanding client, who has to be artistic, environmentally sensitive, open minded and international.

We sell: modernity and values.
We opt for an ethical and sustainable fashion  “MADE IN SPAIN”. An ethical fashion with a social and environmental awareness. Fashion as a personal product, not as one of generalization:…” fashion and time have been absorbed by rapidity, overcrowding and collectivity. Why not bringing fashion back to something more personal, more qualitative, more familiar, sustainable and ethic”… (Susana Álvarez)

“Our clothes are sustainable, because our products stay unalterable to time and fashion. Our job is based on creating unique experiences, desirable objects and of a highly personal and professional service. Quality before quantity, individual before collective, comfort as the axis of our products”… (Susana Álvarez). 

A distinctive, entertaining and shameless style, resulting from an eclectic training and a meticulous observation of the world that sorrounds her.