Concept / inspiration:
Its inspiration is THE CITY, unlimited dimensions, a meeting point for urban, creative, independent and empowered tribes. This collection is inspired by an independent, comfortable and creative woman; that’s why it bets on outfits that reflect modernity, urban-minimalist lines, with a cosmopolitan character and irreverent touches. Our client can be a creative, an executive, an architect, a graphic designer or a company manager who enjoys the versatility and comfort of the garments.

simple lines, sometimes monochrome, reducing the pattern to geometrical shapes “to the minimum expression”.

We use materials that are committed to sustainability due to their high quality and timeless design, which guarantee the longevity of the product

+ We used pure wool

+ For the most event-oriented garments, three materials were used: PURE WOOL, national poplin and triacetate. Being mostly natural or synthetic fibers of high quality, they offer a fabulous feeling of well-being and comfort.

he color selection is based on the color palette of the big cities in northern Europe: mostly gray, black and some accents in satin lilac. The color selection bets on color contrasts or prints that are unusual in the trend market, thus emphasizing the independent work of the designer SUSANA ALVAREZ.