The limited edition SUNRISE is a feminine line inspired by the urban world of big cities. It all started with watching people walking or heading to work. We noticed that dark, black and gray tones dominate our clothing and lifestyle. The lack of light in cities that are not located in the south, huge buildings where people are reduced to anonymity, is dominating our lifestyle. Moreover, the lack of visual or verbal communication between strangers encourages cities to become more dehumanized. We imagined a collection in which colors were dominant actors. I played with shapes from the animal or children’s world so that the person wearing an outfit from our collection would bring a smile to the stranger’s face and thus create small bonds between people. To further emphasize the perception of warmth we mostly chose warm colors for dresses or wool.

Color palette:
Shades of red, honey yellow, salmon pink, earth brown, copper, gray combined with silk threads (hand stitch)

Exclusive fabrics: 100% Silk, Cashmere, Wool, Merino, Faux Fur (out of respect for animals)

We were inspired by the “bat” sleeve, turning to the animal kingdom and a type of one-piece closed collar that gently shapes the neck contour. A dynamic collection with angles that end up in a pocket, interior seams that slide in a curve or more character with experimental fabrics. The line is feminine, urban and fits women’s shapes.

None. It came down to shapes and color.