Concept / inspiration:
This collection is based on an independent, comfortable and creative woman; that’s why we have chosen outfits that reflect modernity, urban-minimalist lines, with an “irreverent and dangerous” character.

Simple lines, sometimes monochrome, reducing the pattern to geometrical shapes “to the minimum expression”: inspired by the shirt collar. An element that will appear not only on the neck contour, but also on the armholes, the waist of the skirts and in different points of the garments. Belts are the only decorative elements allowed.

We use materials that are committed to sustainability*, comfort and health.

+ Firstly, pure wool and technological fabric were used in sports jackets.

Technological fabric is a special, flexible material that is designed to protect the wearer from mobile radiation. As carriers usually keep the phone in their pockets, this is where the fabric is located (not visible from the outside)

+For the most event-oriented garments, three materials were used: satin, organic cotton and national poplin. Being mostly natural fibers, it gives a fabulous feeling of well-being and comfort.

The color selection is based on the daring 80s: we wanted to make color contrasts that sometimes border on “bad taste”. The color selection bets on color contrasts or prints that are unusual in the trend market, thus emphasizing the independent, non-commercial work of the designer SUSANA ALVAREZ.


+ For the textile design of the prints we have counted on the precious collaboration of the international company from Seville TODOMUTA