How does our limited and sustainable edition work?

We focus 100% on each step of the process to provide you with the best at all times: the closest and most personalized customer service is the first step. The production step includes pattern making, tailoring and finishes with the utmost attention to detail.



We will accept orders for the limited edition for seven days. Following this period, new orders will no longer be accepted.



Once the orders are closed, we move on to our handcrafted production in our workshop in Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville.



You will receive your exclusive and timeless garment within 4 weeks of purchase at stage one.

At SÁ we work on demand. We don’t have pre-made stock items and each launched series is limited.

We satisfy your needs, we want you to feel unique and we avoid wasting unnecessary fabrics or resources.

In addition, we offer you the possibility of a personalized design and sizing.

Because we know that every woman is different. Because we know the importance of feeling confident about yourself as well as perfect and unique before others.


You' re interested in one of our designs but it' s not available for order at that time.

In each product sheet you will always find a field where you can provide information. As soon as we re-launch the order cycle we will let you know.

Can you wait?

It’ ll be worth it. Especially if you are familiar with the workshops where we make each piece.

Handmade production process

Handcrafted Employment, local production and love of art.

All our garments are made in Seville, Spain.

For day-to-day work and small productions, we rely on the talent and professionalism of a group of seamstresses at Mairena del Aljarafe. There you can find our main workshop.

For larger volumes we move production to Seville. To the ethical fashion centre Occhiena from Fundación Don Bosco.

In both cases the clothing is handmade in an artisan way. We take care of every detail to offer you an exclusive piece.

We are very lucky to have our production sites so close by. This allows us to:

  • Be very attentive to a process that ensures the best finish.
  • Support ethical and social production.
  • Maintain and value artisan work.
  • Avoid relocation.

But, this is not all. We have one more important stop to make.

The raw material that gives life to each garment. o your item if you want us to dress you.