MIRAMAR capsule collection @ Slow Fashion Show in Gipuzkoa

On Friday, March 1, the Climate Change Week in San Sebastian was opened with a day about sustainable fashion, involving serveral conferences and the fashion show: “Slow Fashion: The Positive Change for Planet and People “.

The event was organized by the council of Gipuzkoa with the aim of raising public awareness of the polluting impact of fashion and proposing concrete alternatives to improve the environment. Different options were presented, showing that a change is possible, but it requires more awareness. Slow fashion next selected SÁ along with Lucía de Gustín (headdresses and accessories) to close the fashion show.

Susana Álvarez Berlin, standing for ethical fashion, showed her new Capsule Collection MIRAMAR, which is made out of 100% organic and sustainable materials. It was the first time SÁ presented her collection made with the highest standard in organic fabric and with an unique urban, minimalist and elegant style. The brand understands fashion as a personal product: “Due to mass and short life cycles fashion had changed a lot. Why not turn back to a fashion to a more personal, more qualitative, more familiar, more sustainable and more ethical? “(Susana Álvarez). “Our garments remain unaltered by seasons or fashions. Our work is based on creating unique experiences, desirable objects and a very individualized service. Quality before quantity, individual before collective and comfort as the center of the product “… (Susana Álvarez)

Susana Álvarez‘ showroom is located in Seville, Spain. The designer works exclusively with local tailors from the region of Seville, specifically at 5 kilometers radius, since it provides and guarantees 100% quality – proximity and good interhuman relations are the essence of the production.

In the “Miramar” collection, different organic textile producers joined together. Susana contributed her creative vision as a designer, her experience in pattern making and supervision of execution throughout the manufacturing process.

The raw materials that were primary used are: Spanish wool from Dlana (Madrid), silk lace fabric created with wood from the ecological forests of Greencel (Barcelona), organic cotton denim from the company Troficolor (Portugal), organic wool for the linings of the jackets contributed by Ecological Textiles (Netherlands) and fabric by Vives and Marí (Valencia).
„Six oufits were show: 4 pieces of organic denim combined with silk trousers, a dress made with the typical fabric that is used in the costume of fallera, a tie made of fish tail and a wedding dress made of merino wool. The confection work is from Inés Rodríguez Infante and Inma León and the weavers of the town Lola and Ana. The bridal bouquet was made by the floral artist Manuela de los Santos.

The Miramar collection is an attractive mix of materials, taking the typical aesthetics of these materials out of context. SÁ is part of the AMSE (Sustainable Fashion Association of Spain)

SÁ wants to thank the authorities and speakers for their contribution to this wonderful event and especially to Slow Fashion Next founder Gema Goméz ♥

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